R.M.D. Engineering college computer centre provides computing facilities to the students through well-equipped labs.

This is a central facility and provides computing support to the user community consisting of students, faculty, research staff and office staff for academic and office automation purposes

The centre has established a campus-wide network using a fibre optic backbone with a capacity of 1GB that connects all the academic departments, library and other central facilities to the computer centre.

The computer centre is fully air conditioned with adequate UPS backup, having covered area of more than 1000 Sq.M with 640 computers to afford computing facilities and internet services.

The centre has 30 Nos Apple Imac “Quad-Core-I5”, 2.7GHZ / 8 GB / 1 TB / Intel IRIS Pro Graphics/WLMKB, 400 systems made recently with the following configuration: Intel i7 processor with 3 .40GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB & 500 GB HDD, 20.5 Inch LED Monitor.

The centre has two numbers of Dell Power Edge T620 and one number of Dell Power Edge T420 servers. It has licensed Application software’s and Operating System.

The working environment is open and it facilitates smooth functioning of the centre and effective utilization of the resources.

The centre provides system administration and technical support which include software installation, network monitoring, internet connection and digital library etc. Additional labs are equipped for Mobile Application and Big data.

Each department of R.M.D. Engineering College has one modern seminar hall with LCD and multimedia facilities for the purpose of placement, education and training to meet the demands of the rapidly changing global environments and they are well maintained by computer centre.

It provides support in conducting on line mock aptitude test and BEC communication skills lab test.

Recently, Video Streaming Server has been installed at RMDCC. This will enable the students/faculty to participate in lectures delivered from any campus

The centre has a 450 Mbps internet speed such as 200 Mbps leased line internet connection from TATA Tele services and 250 Mbps leased line from Airtel.

The centre provides weekly one hour of internet for all the students during college working hours and daily one and half hours of internet for hostel students after college working hours.

The centre provides free Wi-Fi facility to all the departments and their respective seminar hall.

The centre provides free Wi-Fi facility all the hostel students from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Individual hostel student have to register their laptops using secured certificate and active directory services.

Bay-1-Communication Skill Lab Bay-2-Network and Software-CSE Bay-3-Graphics Lab-CSE Bay-4-Programming Lab-IT Bay-5-Computing Lab-IT Bay-6-Research Work Lab Bay-7-iOS Lab Bay-8-Programming lab-CSE Bay-9-Simulation Lab