Green Campus

The College is a ‘Clean and Green Campus’ for it has a very clean, green and beautiful landscape and plantations that provide an excellent ambience for learning.

The college has a landscape consultant, garden supervisors and a large number of gardeners with a comprehensive set of garden equipments. The entire campus has landscaping with green grass, ornamental plants and shady trees making the campus very green and beautiful. The college presents an attractive and pleasant look with its green and pollution-free ambience which is conducive to good teaching – learning ambience.

Extensive water-harvesting activity has been undertaken in various parts of the campus, resulting in very high ground-water levels.

Rain Water Harvesting is done with suitably dug wells and bore points to enhance the ground water availability. A canal running through the campus carries the excessive rain water to a centrally constructed large pond within the campus which works a storage tank.

Use of in-organic fertilizers has been dispensed with and organic farming is being adopted for the kitchen gardens in the campus. Recycling of waste water has been undertaken to reuse the water from bathrooms and kitchen cleaning areas for gardening purpose.

An exclusive Sewage Treatment Plant is set up in the Campus which has a capacity to treat the entire sewage discharge of the Campus , roughly 400000 Litres of sewage.

The college using solar street lights and plans to cover the entire campus with alternative power sources such as Solar / windmill . A detailed technical study for the implementation is in progress.