The alumni of RMDEC are our brand ambassadors and they keep the name and fame of the college flying high. They are spread all over the world and are employed in leading corporates nationally and internationally. RMDEC maintains a strong and a positive relationship with its alumni and has benefitted socially, academically and professionally. Likewise, the alumni appreciate the significance of their association with their amalgamate as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the college.

Main objective of the Association is to foster a lifelong cordial relationship between the college and alumni and provide an effective platform for networking for the benefit of the college, alumni and the current students. The alumni association is responsible for keeping complete track of alumni with all contact details, their current assignments and achievements and in addition keep the alumni updated about the current developments and achievements of the college.

The Alumni meet is conducted twice a year, one on the Graduation Day and the other at a famous star hotel in Chennai.The meetings provide an opportunity for networking and in addition, plans for the future development of the college and the alumni contribution to the college are discussed in the meetings. Alumni contribution happen in various non-financial forms for the benefit of the college and the students, such as membership in department academic advisory committee, guest lectures, conducting mock personal interviews, discuss business and entrepreneurship opportunities, FDP and other academic and co-curricular activities. During the interaction, alumni highlight the importance of current trends in the corporate world and guide the students about the career opportunities in different domains. They also share their personal experiences with students. Alumni visit campus at regular intervals to support the existing batch of students in planning and organizing events, extend support and guidance for functioning of various students’ forums. Alumni who are entrepreneurs provide inputs on how to start a new profitable venture and motivate them to become job providers. Some of the alumni are keenly contributing as mentors for the student teams participating in all India level competitions such as Hackathon and other corporate competitions with innovative and creative ideas. The active interaction and participation with alumni are highly motivational and create enthusiasm among the current batch of students resulting in increased knowledge sharing, industrial visits, internship opportunities, increased placement, participating and winning national competitions.Alumni are easily accepted by students as effective role model.

The alumni’s opinion in developing the college and proposed solutions to the challenges faced by the college is highly valued by the college in achieving its vision and mission. The alumni are an asset to the college, and their contributions and involvement can significantly increase the reputation of the college nationally and internationally. Finally, in the framework to strengthen the development of the state and the nation, successful alumni can be the social model for unity of the society and a factor for economic growth and development. 

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