R.M.D Engineering College is one of the premier educational institutions which is committed to provide quality teaching and research. The staff members and students of R.M.D Engineering College are actively involved in various fields of research. The outcomes of research and consultancy will generate various Intellectual property (IP) assets in different forms such as patents, copy rights, designs, instruments, devices, processes, specimens, software and other inventions. The commercial value of these Intellectual assets has grown significantly in the academic community and the society over the years. In such circumstances, the IPR policy and IPR Cell are needed to ensure the confidentiality, ownership and publication of intellectual assets of the college. Both IPR policy and IPR Cell has become essential to preserve the creation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property of all members of RMD Engineering College including faculty, staff members, researchers, students, project staffs and supporting staffs.

1 Summary The RMDEC Faculty, Staffs and Students Startup Policy will enable active engagement of students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. This also Policy outlines the Intellectual Property ownership, thus enabling creation of a robust innovation and Startup ecosystem in the College.
2 Applies to Faculty, Staff and Students of RMDEC
3 Policy Development Team
Management Team
Dean Research
Dean Academic
HODs of all Departments
Academic Co-Ordinator
NISP Co-Ordinator
4 Review Team Principal
Dean Research
Dean Academic
HODs of all Departments
Academic Co-Ordinator
NISP Co-Ordinator
5 Version RMDEC/ EDC /01/2020
6 Related Documents National INNOVATION and STARTUP Policy 2019 for Students and Faculty - MHRD,GOI /
Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Policy – 2018-23
Startup Policy – 2016, AICTE – New Delhi
(d) Anna University Intellectual Property Policy, July 2016, CIPR, Anna University, Chennai
(e) Anna University startup guidelines
7 Date of implementation 12/11/2020
8 Date of Next formal review Three years

The primary objective of the IPR policy of RMD Engineering College is to lay down various principles for creation, ownership, protection, control, transfer and management of intellectual assets. It enables RMD Engineering College members to be aware of the rights of the college which provides the infrastructure and facilities as well as salary and their own rights and rights of other inventors. It ensures to provide an encouraging environment for the creation of intellectual property while considering the economic rights and responsibilities of the college. This IPR policy is aimed to regulate and resolve issues related to intellectual property within RMD Engineering College. This policy is applicable to all members of RMD Engineering College

`This IP policy will be followed to manage all issues related to IPR at RMD Engineering College. This policy may be revised from time to time to meet the new needs, or on a case by case basis. IPR Cell is set up to ensure the implementation of IPR Policy and assist the members in the creation intellectual assets. IPR Cell is a special committee of the RMD Engineering College for handling all IPR related matters invented through the intellectual effort of the inventor is who employed either temporarily or permanently at RMD Engineering College or studying at RMD Engineering College.

2.1 Objectives
The key objectives of the IP policy of RMD Engineering College are given below:

  • To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights to all members of the institution including staff members, scholars and students.
  • To establish an administrative system which helps the staff members, research scholars and students to obtain ownership of their Intellectual assets.
  • To commercialize the Intellectual Property owned by the institution and share the revenue among the stakeholders.
2.2 Definition
The meaning of various terms used in the document is defined below:

Copyright It refers an exclusive right of the author to reproduce, print, publish and sell copies of his or her creative work for a certain period of time as per the law
Creator/ Innovator/ Authors It refers to any member of the RMD Engineering College including those who are on probation, those who are employed on temporary basis within the institute and/ or in projects, and those who are involving in research, research scholars or students who are responsible for the creation of an Intellectual Property using the facilities of the college.
Principal It refers the Principal of the R.M.D Engineering College
Intellectual Property It refers all kinds of property generated out of intellectual effort of the creator(s). It includes, but not limited to:
  • New and useful scientific and technical advancement in the form of innovations, inventions, products and processes, computer hardware and software, materials, biological varieties etc. which are patentable.

  • Industrial and architectural design, models, drawings, software, creative, artistic and literary works, teaching resource materials records of research etc., which are copyrightable.

  • Trademarks, service mark, logos etc.

IPR Cell It refers a committee formed by the Principal to evaluate and make recommendations regarding IP related issues
Patentee It refers the generator or proprietor of the patent under the Indian Patents Act
Revenue It refers to any sort of payment received by the Institute for the legal use of its Intellectual Property through a license