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RMDEC caters the holistic all-round development of our students through co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities that imbibe values and tradition into them. The concept of formation of various clubs and the corresponding activities are seen as an opportunity for the students to adapt to life in the group, form good life long habits and cultivate a voluntaristic spirit. Club activities supplement academics and give the students practical and experimental training which they require in everyday life. Our college has a wide range of clubs that promote learning and acquiring skills by combining recreational and educational factors.

An extensive range of events that promote the welfare of the students are programmed throughout the year to strengthen the self-esteem, confidence, team work, the ability to think beyond boundary along with an overall development through various clubs. Students are highly encouraged to participate in co-curricular such as technical seminars, quizzes, tech talk, etc. periodically and extracurricular activities such as dance music, drama, etc. through this platform inside the campus.

Our students are also encouraged to participate in such events in outside the campus too. To the students those who win the prizes in other colleges, equivalent to that amount, our management will give cash awards to the winners. This is the unique feature in our institution which motivates the students to a greater extent.

There are 12 clubs which aim towards inculcating the habits of social and national responsibilities amongst the students.

The various clubs are:

1. Eco Club

2. Youth Red Cross Club

3. NSS Club

4. UHV Club

5. Math Club

6. Tech Club

7. Yoga Club

8. Science and Innovation Club

9. Coding Club

10. Language Club

11. Photography Club

12. Cultural Club

Another significant highlight about our college clubs is each and every activity proposed and planned is based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The theme and title of all the activities are designed to align with the SDGs to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The College clubs are lead by the Overall College Club Coordinator Dr. K. S. Radha assisted by individual club Coordinators and Department club coordinators under the able guidance of our Head of the Institution.


Dr. K.S. RADHA M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Club Coordinator,
Department of Scirnce and Humanities
R.S.M. Nagar,
Kavaraipettai, GummidipoondiTaluk,
Thiruvallur District - 601 206.
Phone: 044 – 67919191
Email ID:


Language club:

The club aims to provide writing and speaking opportunities on diverse topics and inculcate the habit of writing /speaking with a flair in language.

Math Club:

The aim of the club is providing opportunities to the students to show their mathematical skills. In addition, students can explore mathematics beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situation. Dr. S. Saravanan, Asso. Prof./ S&H and Dr. S. Rajakumari, Asst. Prof./S&H are coordinators.

Science and innovation club:

The aim of the club is to provide a better understanding scientific knowledge through experiments and innovative projects. To allow them to work in a group and hone their skills in presentation. To maintain the students with knowledge in past and recent inventions in science. Dr. S. Srinivasan, Prof./CSE and Dr.R. Ranjani, Asst. Prof./S&H are coordiantors.

Coding club:

Coding Club aims to establish and inculcate coding skills among all the students who are highly passionate about coding. The club motivates the students to create, build and Innovate and make them explore and enrich the capabilities in the field of computer science. Dr. Gnanasekar, Asso. Prof./CSE and Ms. P. Rajeswari, Asst. Prof./S&H are the cooridnators.

Tech club:

To create a vibrant learning platform, enhance the students’ abilities, uncover their distinct skills and bring about a holistic transformation to enable them to keep in pace with the ever competitive world. To explore beyond curriculum, to make them think beyond boundaries and achieve the best of their abilities making them employable and innovative. Dr. Sumaiya Begum, Asso. Prof./ECE and Ms. Meephin Arasi, Asst. Prof. /S&H are the coordinators.

UHV club:

The clubs aims to facilitate the development of the students in an holistic perspective towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding of the human relationships and the rest of existence with nature. Dr. S. Rekha, Asso. Prof./ S&H is the coordinator.

Eco club:

Eco club play an important role in creating environmental awareness among the future young generation. It is a platform on which the knowledge about our environment. To create clean and green alertness to among students through various innovative methods. It offer programs and activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant more trees and also to promote sound environmental protection. Dr. S. Ramesh, Asst. Prof./ S&H is the coordinator.

Photography club:

The objective of the photography club is to provide a platform for the interested students to share and exhibit their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography. The club motivates the students to enhance aesthetic and critical skills in photography. Dr. N. Prahaharan, Asst. Prof./ S&H and Dr. Ashokkumar, Asst. Prof./ S&H are coordinators.

Cultural club:

The objective of cultural club is to identify and nurture inherent talent among students and provide a platform to exhibit their skills in various forms of art. The club also promote a dynamic cultural heritage and acts as a forum to improve their self-confidence, expressivity, explore their self and to overcome their inhibition. Dr. J. Jyothibala, Asst. Prof./ S&H is the coordinator.

Yoga club:

Yoga club helps in developing self-discipline and self-control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness. It ultimately aims to enable the student to have good health, to practice mental hygiene, to possess emotional stability, to integrate moral values and to attain higher level of consciousness. Dr. Murugesan, Mr. Senthilkumar and Ms. Siva Sankari, are the coordinators.

NSS Unit:

The main objective of NSS Unit is personality development of the students through community service. It emphasis the significance of selfless service and motivates the students to show consideration for fellow human beings. Mr. Aruljothi, Asst. Prof./ S&H is the Programme Officer.

YRC Unit:

The main objective of YRC Unit is health, service and friendship. It helps to the enhance the capability of the students in delivering its humanitarian message to the society, in disaster preparedness and also in health and care. Dr. P. Kamalarajan, Asst. Prof./ S&H is the Programme Officer.

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