Department of Computer Science and Engineering

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering programme is designed to create globally competent manpower for the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. At the same time, it is also designed to prepare the students for post graduate education in the best universities across the globe. These twin objectives are accomplished by including an optimal mix of fundamental theory subjects and practical, current and industry relevant subjects in the scheme of study.

For example, subjects such as data structures, algorithms, finite automata and formal languages, object oriented programming, graph theory and computer organization apart from advanced courses in mathematics such as linear algebra provide a solid foundation in the science of computing. To build on the theoretical foundation, courses such as computer networks, microprocessors, software engineering and Java programming among many prepare the student not only for the Indian IT industry but also for multinationals and global companies.

Database management systems course provides the student a good mix of theoretical and practical aspects of the particular technology. Such courses have theory and laboratory components that are well integrated throughout the semester. In addition, students choose from a wide array of elective courses in higher semesters to further their competency in their chosen area of specialization such as advanced computer architecture, computer networking, mobile communication, sensor networks and artificial intelligence.

These courses are frequently revised and current topics such as Web 2.0, data analytics, cloud computing, mobile systems engineering, Web technologies and so on are included. In addition to the regular curriculum, the students get an opportunity to work as teaching and research assistants under the faculty members who are constantly involved in sponsored research and consulting projects. The scheme also encourages and provides opportunities for students to obtain summer internships in reputed companies to make them industry ready.

Avenues for our to enhance the students technical skill sets and as well develop team leadership skill. Our Computer Science program emphasizes a collegial relationship between faculty and students where faculty guide students develop both skills and concepts that are fundamental to the discipline today and in the future. An engaging curriculum where real world applications and projects are integrated into the students’ course, prepares the student for the dynamic pace of the technological world. Undergraduate research and working internships are additional benefits.

Our faculty members are committed to help students develop their potential and achieve their goals while receiving a broad, value-based, liberal arts education. Effective communication, leadership and teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills, appreciation of cultural diversity and ethical behavior resonate throughout the program and specific objectives are built into the curriculum to help prepare the student for a successful career.

Dr.P. Ezhumalai, Professor & Head  received Best Accredited Student Award on behalf of CSE students from CSI Chennai Chapter for three consecutive years 2012- 2014 and 2016. Mr. M.RajKumar,Assistant Professor of  CSE Department received  Longest Continuous Student Branch Counselor from CSI Chennai Chapter for three consecutive years 2012- 2014 and 2016. CSE Student Association  Office Bearers with Chief Guest Shri Mr.D Judah Paul Jeyakaran, Senior Software Engineer, EY Chennai and HOD, CSE Department Prize Winners of Other Engineering Colleges received Certification from Dr.P.Ezhumalai Professor and Head  of CSE Department Dr.P.Ezhumalai,Professor and HOD , CSE Department addressing the gathering on the occasion of CSE Students Association,CSI and ISTE Student Chapter